CT090 – Flat & Double Dome Sapphire Crystal – Seiko Spirit SARB033 SARX033 SARB035 SARX035 SARB037 SARX057

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  • Material – Sapphire Crystal
  • Suitable for – SEIKO SPIRIT SARB033 SARB035 SARB037 SCVS003 SARX033 SARX035 SARX057
  • 2 Type/Design
  • Flat – Diameter 31mm – Thickness 1.5mm
  • Double Dome – 31mm Diameter – Total Thickness 3mm – Low Dome – 1.5mm Dome – Edge height 1.5mm
  • AR* coating options – blue, No AR and Clear AR**
  • Ref dimensions – Dia 31mm Total Thickness 3.0mm Edge Height 1.5mm
  • Additional info – Direct DD Sapphire replacement for the OEM flat crystal. A superb low 1.5mm Double Dome Sapphire Crystal. Double Dome so no optical dial distortion even at an acute angle. The dome height just right for this classic ‘Grand Seiko’ lookalike watch. Looks like the watch should have been made like this by Seiko. AR options available. Flat option now available.

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DD Blue AR