CT044 – Flat Sapphire Crystal (2 Designs) – SKX013

Rp 531,985.86



Material – Sapphire crystal

AR Options – No AR, Blue AR and Clear AR (extra 10 usd for Clear AR)

2 Type/Designs

  1. CT044 – Flat with heavy top edge bevel – oem dimensions
  2. CT044F*** – Flat with no top bevel

***CT044F IMPORTANT – This crystal can only be used with bezel inserts that can clear the crystal diameter of 28mm – the inside diameter must be a fraction more than 28mm – All our 9 different SKX013 ceramic inserts are 100% suitable.

Standard AR* coating options – blue AR, No AR and Clear AR**

*AR coating underside only

**Clear AR additional 10 usd

Ref dimensions

CT044 – Precise OEM dimensions – 28mm x 2.8mm

CT044F – 28mm x 3.3mm no top bevel

Suitable for – 200M midsize divers SKX013 SKX015 plus 5 sports SNK031****

**** CT044F not suitable for this model

Additional info – For those who require a sapphire AR upgrade to the OEM mineral glass but want to keep the traditional Seiko Diver flat crystal look – now available with clear AR option – CT044F now available with no top edge bevel.

Additional information

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