Crystal Times C3 Lumed Laser Snake 3G Crown CT209 SKX007 Sumo Samurai

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Material ” “316L HQ Stainless Steel surgical grade

Description “” Stainless Steel 3 Crown ” Hi-Performance threaded and C3 LUMED snake laser gaskets “A high quality high performance professionally engineered / fully designed and fully tested Crown” “Quite frankly much better now to SARB059 crowns were previously used by modders undertaking a movement change project.

If you are simply upgrading to our 3G movement, the movement is to the NH35 NH36 NE15 4R36 or 6R15 movements at the NH35 NH15 NE15 4R36 or 6R15 movements. a later time as it is fully compatible.

Information ” “Please note we also supply NH36 and NH35 movements CT500 and CT501 in the shop at a very competitive price

2 Finish Options “” Hi Polish and Black versions available complete with laser snake laser etch with C3 lume (white in daylight green glow in the dark) in the snake

Type / Design ” “3G32 (3 32-coin edge gaskets) Threaded Triple Seal * Divers Screw-Down ‘complete with separate stem’ Crown” stem need to be cut to suit application or you can choose the cut and fitted option for SKX007 7S26-0020 and Samurai ready to fit no work required

Suitable for NH35 NH36 NE15 4R36 6R15 movements and the standard SKX007 7S26
Crown Head movements Ref dimensions ” “Diameter 7mm x 4.9mm

Suitable for ” “200M Ref Case 7S26-0020 ”” SKX007 SKX009 SKX011 SKX171 SKX173 SKX175 SKX401K SKXA35

Samurai ” “All Samurai models old and new versions SBDA001 SBDA003 SBDA005 SNM009 SNM011 SNM017 SRPB009 SRPB49 SRPB51 SRPB53 SRPB55 SRPC93

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Hi Polish, Black


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